Our Intellectual Property

Since its inception, Gevo has been committed to fulfilling the promise of displacing petroleum-based products with identical chemicals made from renewable carbon solutions.

Today, we have an extensive patent portfolio containing more than 450 patents and patent applications for the economic production of isobutanol, process innovations, and downstream product applications.

Our timeline of innovation

Preserving Our Advantage


  • 95_001718 Aug. 11, 2011, Gevo files request for reexamination of US7851188.
  • 95_001735 Sept. 1, 2011, Gevo files request for reexamination of US7993889.
  • 95_001857 Dec. 19, 2011, Gevo files second request for reexamination of US7851188.
  • 95_001870 March 23, 2012, USPTO affirms key claims of Gevo's US8017376 Patent. Butamax fails to get reexamination of key claims of the US8017376 Patent that Gevo believes Butamax and DuPont are infringing.
  • 95_001857 April 10, 2012, USPTO denies Butamax's petition to vacate the grant of reexamination of US7851188.

Supportive Information

Legal Proceedings

Preliminary Injunction Decision

Amended Final Judgment in Butamax Case

New America Invents Act