Why Isobutanol?

Isobutanol is attractive because of its potential as a platform molecule that can serve very large markets such as jet fuel, isooctane, plastics, fibers, and specialty chemicals. The value added properties of isobutanol, including high energy, low vapor pressure, compatibility with engines and compatibility with petrochemical infrastructure, also make it an attractive gasoline blendstock.

YouTube VIDEO: CEO Pat Gruber demonstrates how easily isobutanol separates from water.

Isobutanol is a four-carbon alcohol traditionally produced via high-cost petrochemical routes. As a result, the market for isobutanol has historically been limited to markets such as solvents and other specialty chemicals.

Gevo produces isobutanol through efficient fermentations. Once optimized, Gevo’s technology is expected to result in a much lower cost structure for isobutanol. When taken in combination with the renewable nature of our feedstocks, this should enable a much wider range of end applications for isobutanol.

Addressable Markets for Gevo’s Isobutanol