Our Business: Leading The Way With Isobutanol

Gevo is leading the way in developing and implementing renewable technology to produce bio-based chemical products and next-generation biofuels that augment or replace petrochemicals, with a focus on isobutanol as a platform molecule.

The company’s core patented isobutanol technology uses a combination of synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, chemistry and chemical engineering to produce isobutanol, ethanol and related products from renewable feedstocks. Gevo has also developed technologies to produce hydrocarbon products from renewable alcohols.

Gevo is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, and produces isobutanol, ethanol and high-value animal feed at its fermentation plant in Luverne, Minnesota. Gevo also operates a biorefinery in Silsbee, Texas, that converts alcohols into products such as renewable jet fuel, octane and ingredients for plastics, including polyester.