Each society needs energy, liquid fuel and chemical feedstocks to power its economy. The concentration of carbon in the atmosphere has increased significantly since the industrial revolution. There is mounting evidence and a broad scientific consensus that anthropogenic carbon has caused global climate change. Therefore, we need to lower the carbon intensity of the industrial production and transportation sectors. One significant way to accomplish this objective is to use renewable raw materials (green plants) for the fuels and chemicals we need.

Through the intermediate conversion of CO2 by green plants into carbohydrates (fermentable sugars), we can now use fermentation technology to “brew” renewable chemicals like isobutanol which can replace chemicals produced from fossil fuels. Whenever renewable carbon molecules from green plants can replace fossil carbon molecules from beneath the earth’s crust, there is an opportunity for a net carbon reduction in the biosphere. We believe the biobased economy can strengthen domestic agriculture and rural economies and that it can also reduce imports of petroleum products thereby strengthening a nation’s balance of trade and making it more energy independent.

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