Gevo’s management team strongly values sustainable development and will continuously strive to accomplish “best in class” performance at a level that is appropriate for our stage of development. We plan to develop sustainability metrics, have those metrics validated by a reputable stakeholder group and publicly report on our progress on a regular basis.

Our Commitments…

  • Gevo has pledged to adhere to the principles and criteria for sustainability framework composed of pillars, criteria, and indicators of protective performance reflective of the relevant U.S. laws, regulations, best practices, and policies as well as international norms.
  • As for the production of isobutanol, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has certified that the butanol pathway from corn with natural gas supplied steam and electricity delivers a 32% reduction of greenhouse gases as compared to gasoline.

    Carbon Reduction

  • Gevo is committed to best practices in sustainable corn production and is working with its suppliers to create baseline data on their life cycle footprint. We are planning independent, third party review and analysis of best practices to implement constant performance improvements.
  • Gevo is also actively developing biocatalysts that use mixed fermentable sugars from cellulosic biomass. We expect to be ready to deploy cellulosic butanol technology once the biomass supply chain and conversion technology challenges are met.

Benefits of a Biobased Economy

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Corporate Citizenship

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