Gevo and Purina Animal Nutrition LLC Exploring Opportunities to Upgrade Value-Added Applications in Animal Feed Products

According to the USDA’s Economic Research Service, one metric ton of dried distillers grain (DDG) can replace, on average, 1.22 metric tons of animal feed consisting of corn and soybean meal in the USA. DDGs have higher concentrations of protein and nutrients, allowing them to displace a disproportionate amount of corn and soybean meal in animal feed.

Purina Animal Nutrition LLC will serve as the exclusive marketer of Gevo’s isobutanol distillers grains (iDGs™) from our Luverne plant. The companies also plan to work together to explore opportunities to upgrade the material for special value-added applications in feed markets.

“When a partnership is developed between the technological expertise of Gevo and the research capabilities and customer networks of Purina Animal Nutrition LLC, it presents another opportunity to add value to grain farmers and livestock producers alike,” says John Hany, Director, Direct Ship Merchandising and Global Ingredient Trading for Purina Animal Nutrition LLC. “We are very excited about our future together.”

Gevo’s fermentation process converts only the carbohydrates (corn starch) into isobutanol while capturing 100 percent of the corn protein, the most valuable part for animal nutrition. The feed value of the iDGs™ reduces Gevo’s net carbohydrate costs.

“Corn is interesting as a feedstock because it has both protein and carbohydrates,” says Patrick Gruber, Ph.D., CEO of Gevo. “Producing protein and animal feed from agriculture is extremely important, and selling the protein for feed and using the excess carbohydrate for chemicals and fuels makes great sense given the fact that almost all of the nutritional value of corn can be captured in the animal feed product. We are looking forward to working with Purina Animal Nutrition LLC, the country’s leading brand and largest producer of animal feed, to establish a market for and explore ways to add nutritional value to our iDGs™.”